Migration from Broadcom (formerly CA) Datacom to the Cloud using automated tools

The Criminal Justice System that supported a large California County was dependent on older legacy technologies and platform. With much at stake, it was crucial for the government to manage its Criminal Justice System in the most efficient way possible. But the 20-year-old IBM mainframe technology handling the job with a custom, COBOL-based application, was showing its age. When business analysts needed reports to understand, the IT department had to engage in the laborious process of taking data offline, transforming it into a format that could be analyzed, and running the report. Writing new reports to meet new requirements could add days or weeks to the process. Personnel were dedicated to maintaining arcane mainframe-to-server connections and mainframe procedures, personnel who could otherwise have been dedicated to customer support or other functions with added value to the county. The data in the system was needed by an increasing number of departments and agencies throughout the county—for example, public safety, zoning, planning, permits, and library—but integrating the mainframe with the systems of those
other departments, as well as with the county’s Enterprise Resource Planning software, was a cumbersome process. Integrating the system with Web services was equally difficult.

Digital Strategy Group used their automated tools to provided an automated conversion of the existing legacy application, including the existing user screens. The process of migrating and validating the database included the conversion of hundreds of tables with millions of rows of data.

The County has achieved its stated aims— and more—by migrating its mainframe-based CJIS system to the Windows Server operating system. It is now positioned to take advantage of the .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio® development system, and Web services capabilities. The system now can be integrated not only with other systems throughout the county— boosting accuracy and efficiency by enabling all agencies to work from a single database— but also with state and federal systems.


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