Adabas Modernization Assessment

NatMiner  – a web and repository-based toolset for analysis and application mining of Natural/Adabas applications.

Built on robust parsing and repository technologies to support Natural to Natural migrations. The parsing technology has processed over 500 MLOC of customer source code from all of the mainstream Natural dialects.

Customer application source code is analyzed in the SYSTRANS format. The SYSTRANS files are decoded, stored in a directory structure, and provided as input to the NatMiner parser.

The NatMiner parser uses a BNF grammar model for each of the major Natural dialects to parse the Natural source code, including the Adabas FDTs, in detail. The output of the parser is stored in a Syntax Analysis Repository (SAR). The repository supports all subsequent processing, reporting, and query generation.

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Migrate Natural to JAVA or COBOL

JavNat  – a toolset for the highly automated transformation of a Natural/Adabas application to a functionally equivalent Java/RDBMS implementation or COBOL DB2.

A SAR-driven tool (Natural2Java Converter) translates each Natural module source code, on a statement-by-statement basis, to a functionally equivalent Java class using methods of the NatLogic base class and native Java statements to create Java logic that will execute exactly as it was executed in the Natural environment. Each Natural source module is converted to a Java class that extends the NatLogic base class.

The new Java classes corresponding to the Natural program modules use the NatDDM base classes to generate SQL statements that are executed through JDBC to the relational schema.  Logic is generated to read data from the relational schema and store it back into the Natural view structure in the same way that Natural functions. This applies to programs, subprograms, help routines, maps, LDAs PDAs, and GDAs.