Digital Strategy Group is a consulting company that helps people modernize their older mainframes to a newer technology. We also provice IBM mainframe consulting and support. Leverage your people, processes and technology with our assistance. We can provide strategic insight for mainframe modernization, migration or support. Our staff has much experience in enterprise mainframe environments having supported clients across North America and Europe.

Let us provide a proven path that allows organizations to re-use people, processes and technology as you enhance existing application portfolios with reduced cost, and extending them to a more modern architecture.

Our staff has much experience in modernizations for high-performance complex environments and high business value applications in the United States as well as in Europe, including projects in the government services sector. These projects modernized mission critical applications that required a high degree of accuracy, a proven technology and a premier systems integrator.

We have experience in working with numerous complex and higly integrated applications. Most of our clients have extremely large databases, complex integration, multiple-platform messaging, and large concurrent user base comprising of handheld devices and networked terminals. We have demonstrated massive data migrations and supported demanding service level agreements for our client performance.